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Sports betting has always covered a wide range of products including sports like football, hockey and basketball to minor leagues like horse racing and dog racing. In this modern day and age, e-sports are another form of sportsbook being done over the internet. With its mass popularity online battle arena games, known games like Dota 2, league of legends, arena of valor, CSGO, and mobile legends. Games above are very competitive and is very popular among the younger generations. So, it is a common thing that e-sports betting is popular in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the sports betting market is becoming more popular due to the fact a lot of people are hopping onto the online casino hype and is looking for both entertainment and profit. A lot of online casinos in Malaysia offers a wide variety of online entertainment ranging from slot games to fishing games. UEA8 is not only the most trusted online casino site in Malaysia and we have collaborated with IM Esports.

Best Malaysia Online E-Sports Betting

IM E-Sports is an online esports betting site with a unique combo market and a high betting limit. At IM E-Sports, you can expect that these highly popularised games to be bet on.  At the same time, you can expect obscure shooter games and indie games to bet on as well, because the combo markets. IM ESPORTS is so vast and comes with such a wide variety, it is what makes them so unique. More importantly, IM E-Sports has reported to have the most market opened for betting in one night compared to others. In fact, IM ESPORTS is reported to have the most in-play matches and markets opened for betting in one night than anyone else.

UEA8 Online E-Sports Betting Promotions

Esports betting aside, IM-Esports allow great content about esports on their site. Here you can find localized news on the comings and goings in the esports team, latest tournament updates. So, you will not miss a thing. More importantly, by betting with IM E-Sports through UEA8, new members are eligible to claim for a ton of e-sports betting promotion exclusively. If you are a new member, you can head over to the promotion banner and check the relevant promotions out. Betting can be either complicated or it can be efficient and fast. Players should make the right decision by joining IM ESPORTS. All in all, IM ESPORTS is simply a great place to get analysis, matchup review, score updates, and betting odds. IM ESPORTS provide convenience and ease of access to bettors in the esports Malaysia betting scene. You can download the IM ESPORTS app and see for yourself on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you like Dota betting and CSGO betting, then you are more than welcome to join our betting service by creating a betting account at IM ESPORTS. Your esports betting journey should start with IM ESPORTS, it never gets easier than this.



PUBG is the biggest online battle royale game as well as the most original game that paved way for future online battle royale game to come. A single PUBG game can hold up to 100 players, so a single match can last up to 30 minutes. It is extremely versatile in terms of gameplay. For some time, PUBG has held the title of the most popular game on the internet. PUBG remains strong in the top 10 most viewed games on twitch. More importantly, the players love the game for its unique gameplay.


League of Legends is another major online mass battle arena game that has a similar concept as DOTA 2, but offers a different aesthetics. Though league of legends cannot be compared to PUBG or CSGO, its betting scene is never lacking. With almost tens of thousands of viewers watching tournaments each time there is a live tournament on twitch and thousands of bets at stake.


CSGO is a highly competitive first-person shooter game that is as old as the gaming industry itself. It is a highly challenging game that has many factors being played in a round.  CSGO requires precise aiming, reflexes, and great communication skills. Besides Dota 2, CSGO is also one of the most viewed game streams on twitch.  Bettors can bet on the player’s accuracy, players kill, players death and more.


Dota 2 is the sequel of the original multiplayer game called Dota or Defense of the Ancients.  Since then, it has since gathered a large community around the world. Thus, becoming one of the most popular competitive games on earth. It has shifted the entire online gaming community and with the competitiveness of players. Betting on Dota will be interesting as it is like a game of chess, that requires strategy, team work, mind games, and information gathering.